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[cpop] Mayday - Masquerade (Male, Female, One Body)

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Jul. 10th, 2012 | 12:45 am
posted by: starriheavens in nostarwords

Masquerade (Male, Female, One Body)
Artist: Mayday
Album: Time Machine
Lyrics: Ashin
Composition: Ashin
Arrangement: Mayday

Music Video

雌雄同體 Masquerade (Male, Female, One Body)
*PM七點鏡子前的自己 琢磨屬於自己的美麗
 輕輕刮去嘴角鬍青 畫上我的本性 淡紫色眼影
*Seven PM, the mirror before me, pondering what truly is beauty
Lightly shaving off this stubble, applying eye shadow—lavender like me
Paint my lips pink and start murmuring
領帶要配蘇格蘭裙 和火一般的羽毛圍巾
只是我仍在反覆考慮 搭配幾號香精 做今晚的內衣
即使到最後你還是看不清 即使到最後你還是看不清
I’ll pair a tie with a tartan skirt, so it’ll set off this feather boa
But I’m still seriously pondering: what perfume works best here, for this night’s underwear.
Yet until the end you still can’t see clearly; yet until the end you still can’t see clearly.
 我可以是男是女 可以飄移不定 可以調整百分比
 只要你愛我一切都沒問題 只要你愛我一切都沒問題
#I want you to see me, there’s no need to guess, just enjoy it
I want you, to love me, there’s no need to guess, please just love me
I can be male or female, can hover in-between, can revise my whole body
[As] long as you love me then it’ll all be okay. [As] long as you love me then it’ll all be okay.
與其讓你瞭解我 我寧願我是一個謎
一個解不開的難題 真和假的秘密 扣你心弦的遊戲
模仿你或和你變成對比 參加你理想的愛情遊戲
Rather than you understand me—I’d rather be a mystery
A puzzle you just cannot solve, of what’s false and real, it’ll play at your heartstrings
I’ll play you, or play your opposite form; partake in this game of love that you’ve borne.
你也許避我唯恐不及 你也許把我當作異形
可是你如何真的確定 靈魂找到自己 的樣貌和身體
發現自己原來的雌雄同體 發現自己原來的雌雄同體
You perhaps make me feel I’m lacking; you perhaps take me to be a freak.
But how could you possibly confirm: when a soul finds it’s form—its pattern and body
Finds out it was both genders in one body; finds out it was both genders in one body.
Repeat # * Repeat # *

Further notes can be found [here]

I've sung my translation and it can be found [here] on youtube.

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